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Hi! I'm Jamie - photography lead.

I'm a teacher in British Columbia. I currently teach middle school math and science; however, my specialty is high school history and psychology (go figure!).

My passion, aside from teaching, lies within the arts. 

I love to create.

Whether I'm composing music, drawing, or taking photographs, my purpose is to inspire the soul.

And nothing inspires me more than all of the incredibly unique, diverse, and wonderful humans I've met along this most interesting journey of life. 

Whether it's a laid-back photo shoot, an extravagant wedding, or everything in-between, you are my inspiration.

Your essence. Your moment. Your photograph.


My unquestionably better half, Sara, lights up my soul like a million suns. Her natural talent in anything she does is wondrous.

Our relationship blossomed toward the beginning of Covid; however, there's a catch. I'm Canadian and Sara is American. We lived right across the border but could never be in the same country.

Through it all (and believe us, it was hard), we found best friends in one another, and have already created a lifetime of adventures!



In the summer of 2021, with a $5 mood ring, I proposed to the love of my life in Hawaii. The picture above is actually a candid moment of the proposal. Sara was in the middle of a photo shoot and I sneakily knelt down behind her, taking her hand in surprise.

Spoiler: she said yes.

We designed her actual ring together. I drew her dream ring and found the right jeweler for the task. We couldn't believe how it turned out! You can see more of the piece and creator here, both featured in Masterpiece Collective.



Sara and I are a team, both in life and photography. We work together and utilize our creative outlets in combination to give a unique, distinct quality to our art. She has an incredible eye for photography and, combined with my technical knowledge and vast software editing experience (I'd like to think I have a pretty good eye, too), our collaborative endeavors simply work.

Of course, neither of us could do what we do without our amazing animals. Baxter, our dog, has been with me for nearly 14 years. He is my little monster and I love him more with every passing moment. Tonka, our cat, is a 3-year old rescue and may as well be a dog with how affectionate she is. She follows Sara everywhere and literally screams for her attention. Baxter and Tonka have a, let's say, complicated relationship. They're working on it.



Salt & Cedar Photography - An amazing photographer!
She is responsible for the following:

          The top three photos on this page.

Will Pursell - My cousin and the best photographer I know. He wasn't on duty when he took the following photos with a random camera he picked up:
The two pictures of Sara and I on our engagement cruise.
Check out his work here.


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