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Wedding FAQs

What is your photography style? Our style is editorial and photojournalistic, if we had to label it. We aim to capture genuine, candid moments. Of course, that's not to say we won't necessarily do posing.

What kind of equipment do you use? I use the mirrorless, full-frame Sony A7ii complete with 50mm, 80-200mm, and 28-75mm lenses. As well, we carry two speedlights for flash and off-camera lighting. Sara uses Canon and is equipped with a 50mm and 70-200mm lens.

Does having two photgraphers really make a difference? Absolutely! By having two photographers, one of us can be with each of your wedding parties at once. This means there will be no missing out on special moments from either party, such as getting ready for the ceremony. Having multiple photographers means more angles, more clicks, and more captured moments.

How many weddings have you photographed? None! We are new on the scene; however, we fully trust our art, knowledge, and ability to work well with anyone.

What does Davaar mean? Davaar pays homage to my late grandfather. It represents an island in Campbeltown, Scotland - the town in which my grandfather was raised. He told me countless stories of his Davaar Island adventures, and I'd always be hanging on his every word. He was, and still is, my hero.

Why are photographers so expensive? Great question! Ultimately, it comes down to equipment cost, expertise, and time. As it turns out, camera gear is super expensive. Even entry-level professional cameras are $2000 and each lens can range from $400-$3000. Nevermind lighting, batteries, memory cards, computers, and editing software. It adds up. Second, photographers gain experience by spending their time. Time is valuable and so is the knowledge good photographers have. Taking pictures with newer cell phones is great, but it does not reach the quality of a professional setup (or even an entry-level setup). Lastly, photographing an event is only a piece of the puzzle. Photographers can spend more time editing and organizing photos than they do actually taking pictures. I hope this helps clear things up!

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